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A long old slog…

We’re sorry it’s taking so long for this to all get moving – two different planning decision deadline dates have been and gone, so as you can imagine it’s been very frustrating.

We think, hope, we are now getting somewhere.

Public Protection have said that we need to make absolutely sure that the ground is safe for children, growing etc, so we have had soil testing done and have been looking into gas testing. The likely remediation work required will be to cover the site surface with clean, imported top soil.

To cover those extra costs we’ve had to use some of our savings, so we’ve set our Crowdfunder to go live much earlier than we originally planned. Due to not being in the venue yet to be able to hold fundraising events, we are (pretty much) relying on the power of social media and the goodwill of those who are aware of the project.

Currently the Crowdfunder total stands at £1725 (17% of our £10,000 target) with 11 days left.

There are a few ways you can help us out:

  • Like and share posts from our Snapdragons Plymouth page on Facebook

  • Follow us on Twitter

  • Follow us on Instagram

  • Donate to our crowdfunder at Snapdragons Crowdfunder

  • Buy a ‘square’ in our dip to win a £150 Neals Yard hamper (£1 per square)

  • Take part in the Eva’s World online Fundraiser (Monday 22nd October at 9pm)

  • Come and see us at the Always Apples event at Devonport Guildhall on Wednesday 24th October (and donate to our pot if you can)

Thank you, as always, for your support. It means the world to us that so many people are rooting for this project and we can’t wait to see it start properly.


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