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December 2022

People always said that time goes by faster as you get older. I did NOT expect it to be going this fast at the age of… ahem… very close to 40.

I honestly don’t know where the last few years have gone?!

Things are going well with the project. We have pretty much finished the refurbishment of the old changing room (the building on the left as you look at the Moor artwork up above us), started the refurb of the main room, and we are SO close to finishing the soil remediation plan.

Plymouth Red Tent and Plymouth Green Man Circle are now running from the site (daytime tent session, evening moonlodge, Sage Sisters group for menopausal/post-meno women) and the Woodcraft Folk group is looking to start in January (Elfins, age 6-9, 2 groups per week with one catering for the local home-ed community). It’s all really exciting.

We do still have volunteer sessions, but they are a little bit ‘ad hoc’ due to lack of available committee members to host the sessions.

This last month has seen us hold trial runs for our Lantern Walk (Martinmas, 11th November) and Advent Fayre (3rd December). Both were a huge success and provided us with a great opportunity to try a few things out and know what to tweak for next year.

We’ve recently been awarded a National Lottery Awards 4 All grant which is extremely helpful with continuing the work on site, and we are almost ready to put in the planning application for the next stages of the site development. It’s all very exciting.

If you’re interested in any of our groups or volunteer sessions, or in being on any of our subcommittees, please do let us know!

Thank you, as always, for your support.


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