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February 2021 - Please pledge to our Crowdfunder !

What…. a….. year!

I’m not going to spend time discussing COVID19, or lockdowns…. I’d like to share our progress with you and concentrate on good times, things we’re looking forward to etc.

This past year has seen us increase our volunteer list to over 50 people. So many of you have enjoyed coming along to the site, getting outside, moving around, chatting to people etc. It’s been wonderful. It has been limited, yes, but it’s been wonderful to see things change on site, to meet new people and to add new skills to our midst. Between us, and with some help in the form of discount on machinery hire from Speedy Hire, we’ve moved the majority of 1000 tons of clean soil around the site!

Last Spring, Shelley stepped down as director. This project is far bigger than any of us envisaged and it just wasn’t working for her alongside other priorities. James stepped up to take the role of director so that we still have 3.

In the last week we’ve planted up our 500 saplings in to pots, as the hedge bank is not quite ready for them just yet.

We’ve also gone live with our Aviva Crowdfunder, attempting to raise £10k for our refurb of the buildings, in just 34 days.


But exciting too.

If you’d like to pledge, you can find our Crowdfunder here. There are some great pledge rewards available, so worth checking them out when you donate.

We’ve been lucky enough to receive some funding from Stronger North Stonehouse recently, to light up the path next to our fence with solar lighting and to prettify the boundary (yarn bombing, solar string lights, seed packets, wildflowers / bulbs etc). We’re also very happy to be working with other projects who have received funding from the same source – Tess Wilmot is starting her Generous Earth project off at Snapdragons, with her Fertile Edges mini project. Focused on our boundary, based near the fence/gate, Tess is at the site regularly to showcase different types of composting and chatting to people about how they can have a go. We’re also going to be home to a dye garden, created by Barbara, Dorothea and Helen – very exciting. Volunteers will be given seeds to plant and start off at home (window sills, conservatories etc), to then bring back to the site once a bit hardier, to plant in our raised beds. These plants will then be harvested to make plant dyes, to dye material which will be used to create items of clothing for a fashion show organised by Fashion Fix. We can’t wait to see how the project progresses.


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