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May 2021

It’s been really lovely over the last couple of weeks to start receiving contact forms through this website! It’s something that doesn’t get updated as often as it should, as social media is so fast-paced and easy to update that things like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram seem to take precedence, but it’s made me realise we need to update this more often.

So here we go :

Our crowdfunder raised £22k!!!!!


You are all amazing.

This money will hopefully ‘break the back’ of the refurbishment of the buildings. We just need to now source tradespeople and materials to do so.

We’ve also really got to prioritise the shifting of the last few mounds of soil (which is a bigger job than it sounds when I put it like that!). So – if you know anyone with a digger/dumper combo who would like to come and help us out / give us quotes -please do get in touch!


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