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We signed the lease !

2 years after we first expressed interest in the site as a venue for our project, Gia and I signed the lease on Friday with Adrian Beddow of Bright Solicitors.  YAY!

Now the journey really begins! As you may have seen on our Facebook page, we’re now looking for help with the various steps of work that needs to be done before we can start running sessions…

It looks like we have our soil! All of it! With transport included!!! I really hope that stays the case – as long as we can move quickly I believe it will.

There are a number of things we now need help with, so if you can offer help, or know someone who could, please please do get in touch!

What we need:* someone to knock down a wall between us and the car park (we have permission – the car park owner has said we can bring soil through that way rather than cause havoc bringing trucks through the park)

* people with gloves, strimmers, power assisted tools, determination, wheelbarrows etc to 1) cut back all the grass/brambles/nettles/shrubbery on site 2) lay down geotextile fabric and geocell squares 3) wheelbarrow the soil around to cover the site

* someone with an excavator/mini digger?

* tree surgeons to remove 9 trees

* people to plant 420 saplings in Nov/Dec

Please do get in touch if you can help / recommend people to do any of this. Thank you x


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